What is it like to work as an operations manager?

In the retail industry, for example, an operations manager would manage all activities related to the daily functions of the retail store, as well as planning and strategy development. Operations managers creatively solve problems, are excellent leaders, and prioritize productivity and efficiency. They can also create strong relationships, as this function often acts as a “liaison” between departments. Next, learn from three women about what it takes to become an operations manager and what the position looks like day in and day out.

Prospective employers will ask you key questions to evaluate your performance in your role as operations manager. Senior Director of Operations at The Zebra with 10 years of design experience and five years of operations experience. I also enjoy being able to see the organization holistically to see what knowledge can be extracted from one area and applied to another to improve efficiency, both inside and outside business operations. At the highest level, my team and I are responsible for ensuring that, from an operational standpoint, Brighthouse is ready for transformative events, such as major technology updates, product launches and new relationships with distributors.

Focusing on operations is essential for a company to grow successfully, which is why this function is vitally important for a company. I usually divide my time between the above-mentioned categories of operations (people, products, and businesses in general). This function is critical to seeing the results of operations holistically and ensuring that milestones are reached within an appropriate time frame. Since the company is less than a year old, my operations leadership role has changed frequently.

Operations managers oversee the organizational activities of their companies, businesses, or agencies.

Operations management

is an upper-level career that requires a certain amount of education and experience to prepare you to support an effective, efficient, and successful business. Often, this involves working with subject matter experts within the area of Business Operations to understand the extent of these changes in the company and to develop a path forward to ensure that the required activities are completed in a timely manner. Regardless of the specialty or specialties to which an operations director dedicates himself, he must collaborate in an interdisciplinary way and seek solutions to ensure that his strategies are adopted by the company's main stakeholders to measure results.

Operations managers work in a wide variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, finance, insurance, and manufacturing.

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