What are the Top Three Skills for an Operations Manager?

Operations managers are responsible for overseeing production in a company and ensuring maximum efficiency within the organization. As a high-level position, operations managers require excellent business and communication skills, strong leadership and management abilities to effectively lead and motivate teams, analytical and problem-solving capabilities to identify and address challenges, and excellent interpersonal skills to establish relationships with stakeholders and facilitate collaboration. The skills of the best operations manager largely depend on the working nature of that organization or company. As an operations manager, some of the main skills include maintaining better management reports, information flow, business processes and organizational planning, and reviewing operating policies and procedures.

In addition to that, good leadership and business skills will help you greatly in this role. Today, you can earn around 7,20,000 INR lakhs per year with this position if you have the best operations manager skills. An operations management certificate can guarantee you a job in various industries, such as retail, communication, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, airlines, insurance companies, government agencies and manufacturing. Harvard University offers many online courses on operations management such as cybersecurity, the Harvard Business Analysis Program, leadership, organization and change. All of these operations management certification courses have different time limits; you can check them out on their official website.

Enforce Standards

As an operations supervisor, you must ensure that your staff complies with all the policies and practices established by your organization and government regulations.

Operations Management by IIMB (edX) is one of the free operations management certification courses on operations management training offered by the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore as part of its MicroMasters program.

Instill Pride in the Values and Mission of the Organization

Effective operations managers act with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promote the company's culture and mission. While responsible for ensuring values and norms in the workplace, an operations manager must always be flexible enough to adapt to sudden changes and ensure that they are transferred to staff. And to do this, an operations manager needs to keep his staff motivated, being optimistic about the company's objectives and encouraging teamwork and positive relationships among staff members. It largely depends on the organization you're working for; however, an operations management professional can easily earn 7,20,000 lakhs a year in India with operational skills. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has designated the Office of Civil Aviation Security as the official agency of the Government of India for air operations in India. According to the IIMB, “the course will train you with the skills needed to address important aspects of business operations such as capacity, productivity, quality and the supply chain.”

Gain Knowledge Through Operations Management Certification Programs

Have operations management certification programs that can help you gain knowledge about this field and develop the necessary operational skills.

According to Wharton Online, through these certified operations management courses “you will learn to analyze and improve business processes, services or manufacturing by learning how to increase productivity and offer higher quality standards and achieve efficiency.” It can help you build your profile for this job by helping you develop the necessary operations manager skills. As an operations manager, you must set certain objectives for each staff member and keep them informed about their performance in relation to the goal. With these skills in hand, you can become a successful operations manager.

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