What are the Roles and Responsibilities of an Operations Manager?

An operations manager is a vital part of a management team, responsible for overseeing high-level human resource functions, such as recruiting talent and establishing training standards and hiring procedures. They must be prepared to provide guidance to their team members, find ways to enhance the quality of customer service, and implement best practices at all levels. Operations managers are responsible for sustaining and improving the efficiency of a company, government agency, or non-profit organization. They specialize in one or more aspects of a company and oversee operations within their departments.

To be successful in this role, they must have a bachelor's degree in operations management (or a related field) and prior experience in a management or leadership position. The particular duties of an operations manager include formulating a strategy, improving performance, purchasing materials and resources, and ensuring compliance. They must be able to create and maintain an environment of trust, diversity and inclusion within the operations team. Additionally, they are responsible for supervising, hiring and training employees, managing quality assurance programs and developing strategies to improve processes. A great operations manager is always looking for ways to engage their employees and make the workplace more effective and efficient. They must guarantee that the quality of their company's products and services meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Ultimately, their job is to implement the right processes and practices throughout the organization.

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