The Impact of Operations Management on Product Quality

Operations management is a critical component of ensuring that products meet quality standards and customer expectations. It is the responsibility of the operations management team to examine the durability and reliability of each product before it is delivered to consumers. High-quality products have the capacity to further improve quality, as it allows for a more focused investigation of any issues that arise. Quality, or lack thereof, affects the entire organization, from supplies to customers, product design, maintenance and more.

It is up to the operations manager to create a system that allows for consistency in quality and to ensure that all services provided have a high-quality result. Total Quality Management (TQM) and benchmarking are two recent advances in quality that have led to improvements in operations management. The operations manager must coordinate the schedule of activities to organize, monitor and optimize equipment, people and production activities. They must also collaborate with their team and other departments involved throughout the operations process. It is their job to control the production process, inventory management, sales and sourcing of suppliers who will supply the finished product at reasonable prices. The success of TQM requires that all members of the organization be committed to customer satisfaction.

When making decisions related to operations management, convenience of customers, government incentives, quality of life of employees, work environment, operating transportation costs and initial capital needed should all be taken into consideration. This concept allows product development to be carried out in small increments but with very fast decision-making. The internal effect of high-quality products is greater capacity to further improve quality. On the other hand, external faults can lead to product replacement, expedited shipping, potential legal lawsuits, product recalls and lost business in the future. Therefore, it is essential for operations managers to ensure that products are of high quality and meet customer needs. To ensure that products are consistently meeting customer expectations and quality standards, operations managers must implement a system that allows for continuous improvement.

This system should include regular reviews of processes and procedures as well as feedback from customers. Additionally, operations managers should strive to create an environment where employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work and strive for excellence. By creating an environment where employees are empowered to take initiative and make decisions that will improve product quality, operations managers can ensure that their products are consistently meeting customer expectations.

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